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Women with disabilities have made it clear that one of the best ways to challenge oppressive practices, cultures and structures is to join with other women with disabilities – to share experiences, to gain strength from one another and to work together on issues that affect them – describing, researching and recording their issues and experiences, developing programs to address these issues, and working to influence legislative, policy, and service development. This coming together promotes the development of personal identities, where women with disabilities are able to recognise the need for personal autonomy, and importantly, develop a sense of personal worth. At the broader level, it enables the formation of a collective identity, where women with disabilities are able to speak out about their experiences and take action to collectively improve their lives.

This section of the website provides links to organisations, networks and groups of women with disabilities both within and outside Australia.

This section also provides links to WWDA members stories and poems. If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

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