Virtual Centre for Women and Girls with Disability

The Virtual Centre

Purple infographic with six images of women with disability in the background and overlalaying text 'Virtual Centre for Women and Girls with Disability.' COMING SOON!

WWDA has received funding from the NDIA to create a new Virtual Centre for Women and Girls with Disability.
The Virtual Centre will be a website that provides accessible, engaging and practical resources that will help to support and empower women and girls with disability to advocate for and realise their rights.
It will focus on providing resources in five key areas that have been identified as priorities by women with disability:
  1. Human Rights
  2. Leadership and participation
  3. Decision-making and choices
  4. Sexual and reproductive health
  5. Safety from all forms of violence.
The resources provided will include factsheets, ‘how-to’ toolkits, checklists, links and other resources. It will also provide information targeted at supporters and service providers and offer opportunities for women and girls with disability to interact and contribute.
The Virtual Centre will celebrate the diversity of women and girls with disability and will feature real stories from women across the country.
The Virtual Centre will be launched in early 2020.

Built by and for women with disability

WWDA is committed to ensuring that the design and development of the Virtual Centre is led by women and girls with disability at every stage. An Expert Advisory Group comprised of 40 women with disability across Australia provides direct advice and feedback on Virtual Centre content, accessibility, design and branding. This group also plays a key role in ensuring the website content is of high quality.
In July 2019, WWDA conducted a series of “co-design workshops” around Australia to seek direct feedback from a diverse group of women with disability on the design, structure and content of the Virtual Centre.
You can read all about the workshops and what we learned by reading the Report.