Donate to Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is the national organization for women with all types of disabilities in Australia, and represents one of the most socially excluded groups in our community. WWDA receives a small amount of funding each year from the Australian Government, but it is insufficient to sustain the work of our organisation. The operational funding we receive from Government is only guaranteed for a short period, making it difficult to plan and implement our work. While we are at times able to successfully obtain grants for specific projects, such as our work on violence, advocacy and reproductive rights, such grants do not cover any infrastructure costs and do not enable us to continue working on the issue after the project monies are expended. The success of WWDA relies heavily on the goodwill of its members and supporters.

Without the ongoing support of people making donations, WWDA would find it difficult to continue the important work that we do.

Membership of WWDA is FREE  as WWDA believes that women should not be denied membership to the organisation on the basis of affordability.

WWDA therefore needs to raise funds in order to continue the important work we do. If you would like to assist us by providing a financial donation, please contact WWDA. You do not need to become a member to donate to to WWDA. You can donate via cheque, money order, or via direct debit to WWDA’s bank account. Please contact Carolyn at the National WWDA Office if you wish to donate via direct debit.

As Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is a registered charity with gift deductibility status, all donations to WWDA over $2.00 AUD are tax deductible.

You can donate to WWDA utilising the WWDA Membership Form available below.