Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 1995 – 2000

‘Healthy Ageing – Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: Women’s Health Issues’ – by P. Walsh, T. Heller, N. Schupf & H. van Schrojenstein Lantman-de Valk (2000) [PDF] 

This report is concerned with issues which are important for the health of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they grow older and age. The report is designed to explore factors related to well-being and quality of life for women, to examine and define sex-linked differences in their life experiences and opportunities and to define their distinctive vulnerabilities -including research on health status and access to health care. Copyright 2000.

Women With Disabilities Australia: ‘The Search for the Invisible Workers: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Older People With Disabilities’ – by Patricia Woodcroft-Lee (1999)

Although it is frequently noted that more people are living longer and are more active in their later years, very little information appears to be available on the needs and lifestyles of older people who are working or who are seeking paid work. Older workers in general appear to be paid very little attention in the literature and older workers with disabilities are almost invisible. This paper has two aims; one is to attempt to draw together the available data on older workers with disabilities and to make some suggestions as to how we may be able to compile statistical data on this group, the second aim is to identify the types of support that older workers with disabilities may require to continue working and contributing to society for as long as they choose, while still enjoying a reasonable quality of life. Copyright 1999.

Women With Disabilities Australia: Submission on the Development of the National Strategy for Ageing Australia (1998)

In 1998, the Minister for Family Services (Commonwealth Government) called for submissions to inform the development of the National Strategy for Ageing in Australia. This is a copy of WWDA’s submission to the National Strategy for Ageing in Australia. The submission discusses, amongst other issues, the urgent need for research into women with disabilities and ageing. Copyright 1998.