Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 2001 – 2005

‘The Meaning of Aging for Women with Childhood Onset Disabilities’ – by Tracie Culp Harrison (2004) [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the meaning of aging for women with childhood onset disabilities. It was the authors aim to explore the life course of women aging with paralytic polio and to convey an account of the changes associated with aging, the strategies used to adapt to the changes, and the affects of gender on their ability to adapt to the changes. Copyright 2004.

‘Successful Aging of Women with Intellectual Disabilities: The Toronto Experience’ – by Maaike Canrinus & Yona Lunsky (2003) [PDF]

Older women with intellectual disabilities are a growing population, whose perspective has been traditionally ignored in research. This study aims to identify some key issues in aging for this group from the perspective of the women themselves. Copyright 2003.