Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 2006 – 2010

Women With Disabilities Australia: Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Planning Options and Services for People Ageing with a Disability (May 2010) [PDF] [Word]

On 25 November 2009 the Senate referred the following matter to the Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 2 September 2010: Access to planning options and services for people with a disability to ensure their continued quality of life as they and their carers age, and to identify any inadequacies in the choice and funding of planning options currently available to people ageing with a disability and their carers. WWDA developed a Submission to this important Inquiry. WWDA’s Submission covers a range of issues including for example: Positive Ageing versus Successful Ageing; Ageing versus ageing with long-term disability; Factors affecting women with disabilities; Ageing with long-term impairments; Citizenship; Lack of informed advisors and services; and the need for disability service providers to have aged care skills. WWDA’s Submission includes a number of recommendations. Copyright WWDA May 2010.

‘Ageing & Disability: A Discussion Paper’ – by National Disability Authority, Ireland (2006) [Word] [PDF]

The National Disability Authority and the National Council on Ageing and Older People developed this Discussion Paper to initiate constructive dialogue about the ageing population with disabilities in order to develop, with Government and stakeholders, a positive national strategy for full participation and support of older people with disabilities, and to promote the implementation of such a strategy. Copyright 2006.