Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 1995 – 2000

Women With Disabilities Australia: ‘Changing Discourses of Disability and Human Rights in Australia’- By Helen Meekosha (2000)

‘Disability’ has become a term embedded in a number of competing discourses, each of which have an institutional determination – either formal or informal. The critical interface lies between medical, individualised and social discourses. The conflict at this interface is revealed in the struggle over human rights for and by people with disabilities. In 2000 a new national Action Plan on human rights is being devised by the Australian federal government, in an environment of governmental hostility to human rights and UN conventions. This paper explores the power relations of disability discourses through competing interpretations of interests and issues in the human rights field. Copyright 2000.

Women With Disabilities Australia: Submission to the Senate Inquiry Sex Discrimination Amendment Bill (No.1)(2000)

A copy of WWDA’s Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Government’s proposed amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act. Copyright WWDA 2000.

Women With Disabilities Australia: ‘Disability and Human Rights’- by Helen Meekosha (1999)

For many people with disabilities, Australia, at the end of the millennium, is experienced as a war zone. At a time when citizenship is a catch-cry in public debate, disabled Australians are effectively denied many of the simple rights their fellows take as given. This brief paper focuses on the processes which constrain and restrict the access to basic rights of disabled people. Human Rights are provided not solely in legislation, but most directly through services and activities in the community. When these ignore, deny or exclude disabled people no legislation is sufficient. Copyright 1999.

Women With Disabilities Australia: Presentation to the First Australian Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights – by Vicky Toovey (1999)

On May 21 1999, the Women’s Rights Action Network held the First Australian Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights. At the Tribunal, 12 women living in Australia testified about their experiences, with testimonies being presented on a number of issues. Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) was represented at the First Australian Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights by the President of WWDA, Ms Vicki Toovey, who presented case studies on the sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities. This paper provides a transcript of the presentation. Copyright WWDA 1999.