Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 2001 – 2005

Women With Disabilities Australia: WWDA Systemic Advocacy on the Unlawful Sterilisation of Minors with Disabilities

Whilst WWDA has worked for a number of years, on the issues of unlawful sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities, the information provided here relates specifically to WWDA’s systemic advocacy on the Federal, State & Territory Government’s 2003-2007 proposal to develop draft national, uniform legislation which set out the procedures that jurisdictions could adopt in authorising the sterilisation of children who have an intellectual disability. The information provided here was prepared by WWDA in March 2007. The section includes responses from a number of stakeholders to WWDA’s systemic advocacy campaign urging the Federal and State/Territory Governments to develop universal legislation which prohibits sterilisation of children except in those circumstances which amount to those that are a serious threat to health or life. Copyright.

Beyond Belief, Beyond Justice: The difficulties for victim/survivors with disabilities when reporting sexual assault and seeking justice. Final report of Stage One of the Sexual Offences Project. By Jonathon Goodfellow & Margaret Camilleri for the Disability Discrimination Legal Service (2003) [PDF] [Word]

This report presents the findings of a Project that examined the experiences of victim/survivors of sexual assault who have disabilities that affect their cognitive capacity. The Sexual Offences Project for Women with Disabilities (the Project) was conducted by the Disability Discrimination Legal Service Victoria Incorporated (DDLS). The Sexual Offences Project for Women with Disabilities was developed in response to long held concerns about the systemic discrimination victim/survivors of sexual assault with a disability can experience when seeking justice. Copyright 2003.