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Women With Disabilities Australia: ‘Families Want Their Cookies Now’ – by Margaret Cooper (1994)

Disability challenges the caring function of the family more than death, as the disability of a member will be lifelong. Professional social workers/planners/engineers/counsellors say families are important to caring for people with disabilities, but are they doing anything more than mouthing a platitude? Do they understand the difference that disability makes? In this paper the author looks at the initial meaning of disability to families, ways that families react, and then reflects on professional attitudes to disability and families. Many of the quotes used in the paper are directly from published accounts by people with disabilities. Copyright 1996.

WWDA NEWS – Issue 8, October 1994

This edition of the Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) Newsletter contains an article by Alex Gregg entitled ‘Women With Disabilities and Their Families’. Copyright WWDA 1994.