Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 1995 – 2000

‘Underlying Expectations: Personal experience of being a NESB woman with a disability’- by Lina Pane-Hawkins (2000)

A personal account by Lina Pane-Hawkins, of being a NESB woman with a disability and how her parents coped with her falling in love and getting married. Copyright 2000.

‘Women – Moving Beyond The Disability’ – by Lina Pane (1995)

This paper examines 4 main themes: Inequality between men and women with disabilities in the sharing of power and decision making at all levels; Insufficient initiatives to promote the advancement of women with disabilities; Triple disadvantage – looking at women with disabilities from non-English speaking backgrounds; and the unmet health needs of women with disabilities. The paper argues that women and society, in general need to examine the experience of women as universal. This includes gender, age, culture, sexuality and disability. Whilst only women with disabilities can speak for women with disabilities, others with overlapping concerns such as non-disabled women and men with disabilities, are equally responsible in the task of working towards change. Copyright 1995.

‘Triple Disadvantage: Women from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds Living in Australia’ – by Lina Pane (1994)

This Report is the outcome of a research study about the experience of women with disabilities from non-English speaking backgrounds living in Australia. This was also a study of the attitudes towards women with disabilities, of non-English speaking background non-disabled women who participated in the consultancy. The project was carried out by a woman from a non-English speaking background with a disability. The research design was based on feminist research, action orientated and dialectic – an approach that visualises the world as an inter-connected ‘whole’. The Report discusses the project methodology, the findings, and also provides strategies for future directions. Copyright 1994.