Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 2001 – 2005

‘A feminist/gendered critique of the intersections of race and disability: the Australian experience’ – by Associate Professor Helen Meekosha (2005)  [PDF]   [Word]

Colonial settler societies, such as Australia and Canada, are characterised by tensions between settler and indigenous communities, and among the ethnic hierarchies inside the settler blocs, to which states respond with a variety of strategies. An examination of the intersection of ethnicity, race, gender and disability points to a significant challenge for all colonial settler societies. In a society that espouses egalitarian social philosophies, how are these multiple dimensions of difference together contained by the state, and how is such containment negotiated and resisted by those individuals and communities thus constrained? This is an ambitious question and dangers of reductionism exist, yet as this paper will attempt to demonstrate intercategorical analysis is an necessary prerequisite for a more holistic project of social justice and social change. Copyright 2005.