Papers, Articles, Reports & Submissions 2001 – 2005

‘Confronting the Sexual Abuse of Women with Disabilities’ – by R. Amy Elman with contributions from T. Lodholz (2005)  [PDF]   [Word]

This document opens with a brief overview of the origins of our knowledge concerning the sexual abuse of women disabilities. It then considers the methodological quandaries related to sexual abuse research in general and the data on women with disabilities and the men that abuse them. Recognizing the obstacles and related gaps in our knowledge about the sexual abuse of women with disabilities may put us in a better position to both grasp the problem and pursue effective strategies for its prevention. The author concludes with an exploration of the efforts of women with disabilities and their allies to counter sexual abuse. These include, but are not limited to, research, personal and group confrontation techniques, administrative remedies, and formal legal redress. Copyright 2005.

‘Perfect In My Imperfection’ – A Paper by Lina Pane (November 2005)

Paper written by Lina Pane. Lina has expertise in the disability field as a leader, community development worker, social worker, researcher and published disabled feminist writer and speaker. Lina is actively involved with Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) as a member of the management committee. Copyright 2005.

Women With Disabilities Australia: Submission to the Queensland Review of Maternity Services (December 2004)

The Review of Maternity Services was established by the Queensland Minister for Health in July 2004 to examine existing and future models of maternity care, in particular midwifery models of care, and recommend strategies to enhance choices for women, within a framework of safety and sustainability. This Submission is WWDA’s response to the Queensland Review of Maternity Services. Copyright WWDA 2004.

‘Disability and Sexuality – My Story’ – By Janet Simpson (2003)

A disabled woman’s personal account of discovering new adventures at the age of 50. Copyright 2003.