Annual Reports

This section contains copies of WWDA’s Annual Reports and various funding reports dating from 1997 to current.

WWDA Annual Report 2018-2019 [PDF] [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2017-2018 [PDF] [Word]

WWDA Performance Report 2016-2017 [PDF] [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2016-2017 [PDF] [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2015-2016 [PDF] [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2014-2015 [PDF]  [Word]

WWDA Progress Report July September 2015 [PDF]  [Word]

WWDA Activity Workplan 2015-2016 [PDF] | [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2013-2014 [PDF]    [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2012-2013 [PDF]    [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2011-2012 [HTML] [PDF]   [Word]   [Large Print/Text Only]

WWDA Annual Report 2010-2011 [PDF]   [Word]   [Large Print/Text Only]

WWDA Performance Report July 2010 – December 2010 [PDF]   [Word]   [Text Only Large Print]

WWDA Annual Report 2009-2010 [PDF]   [Word]   [Text Only]

WWDA Annual Report 2008-2009 [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2007-2008 [Full Report, PDF]   [Full Report, Word]   [Summary, PDF]   [Summary, Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2006-2007  [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Final Report to the National Disability Secretariat Program 2006-2007 [PDF]  [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2005-2006 [HTML] [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2004-2005 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2003-2004 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2002-2003 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 2001-2002 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 1999-2000 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 1998-1999 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Annual Report 1997-1998 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Mid – Term Grant Report July 1998 – January 1999 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Application for Funding to the Office of Disability June 1998 – June 1999 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Application for Funding to the Office of Disability January 1998 – June 1998 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Grant Report January 1998 – March 1998 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Grant Report July 1997- December 1997 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]

WWDA Grant Report January 1997 – June 1997 [HTML]   [PDF]   [Word]