Predictable Death – By Jody Emerson

From: Women and Disability – An Issue. A Collection of writings by women with disabilities. This booklet was produced by the Melbourne based Women with Disabilities Feminist Collective in the late 1980’s. The exact publishing date is unknown. Copyright.


Time keeps following me.
It’s just around the comer
But I want to see.
I’m running so fast,
I’m not running at all.
I know soon
I’m going to fall.

How many times
should I stand tall
should I wait for an answer
or should I crawl.

I’m sick of their pills
they make me quite sick
the whole medical profession
are just a pack of pricks.

They say that they know
what I am going through
they’ve seen it happen to
quite a few.

How can they justify
what they call
“lack of pain ”
when all they do is pump me
with pills again, and again, and again.

Whose life is it anyway
theirs or mine.
It’s so hard to say.
Guess I’ll end up losing