When Did I Stop Being Disabled and Join the Human Race? – By Vicky

From: Women and Disability – An Issue. A Collection of writings by women with disabilities. This booklet was produced by the Melbourne based Women with Disabilities Feminist Collective in the late 1980’s. The exact publishing date is unknown. Copyright.


Was it having caring, protective parents that nurtured my ‘positive’ abilities?

Was it finishing a secondary education in a mainstream school?

Did living a lively social life and a skilled job help?

Was engagement then marriage to an able bodied person the right thing?

Was it being an equal business partner, although still the ‘little woman’?
Oh no!

Becoming a mother of two healthy children?
Helpful, but still a front.

Was being a mediator, friend and life support to my man worth recognition?

Was it when I finally said “stuff it” and left him, taking the children with me?
YES! I became no longer seen to be unable, no longer was my existence to be denied.