Why Can’t They Hear Me – By Marlene Fox

The answer is clear my friend, I can’t speak under water,
Drowning in the internal lake formed by tears,
Tears formed from my saddened heart.
The crying will it ever cease.
Will the giant claws of sorrow ever release me from it’s vice like grip.
Why can’t I feel happy, why can’t I feel joy?
Submerged in this black hole of despair,
Sinking deeper and deeper grasping the sides.
Sorrow having the stronger hold, when will it end?
Unsuspecting it caught me from behind, why me?
I want to smile, I want to be free, I want to be me.
The answer eludes me, like reaching for the clouds.
Overwhelmed and exhausted from the struggle,
Searching for the answer, the escape from this depressive darkness.
Does it exist or am I dreaming, or am I willing to sleep the eternal sleep.

By Marlene Fox