Bad Day – By Cherie Wells

Today was a bad day for me
Crawling around the floor like a big baby
My legs just would not work today
I hope they work tomorrow

My arms were very weak today
Some things I just could not hold
I hope my arms work tomorrow
Because today I was very cold

When my limbs are not moving
And I can’t get off the floor
It is very hard to do the things you want
I can’t even answer the door

I hope I have a better day
When tomorrow comes
Cause crawling and sitting on the floor
Gives you a cold and very sore bum

So when I awaken in the morning
And take my pills to start me up
Please oh please will you work today
Cause yesterday I had enough

When your meds are not working
Then things can be very hard
And crawling around on the floor
Takes away your dignity and pride

But I suppose I should be grateful
That at least I can still crawl
I know there are people worse off than me
Because they can’t crawl at all

By Cherie Wells