My Autistic Son – By Leonie Murray (‘a mother’)

Often when I’m shopping
Just my little one and me,
A small chore becomes enormous
As he acts Autisticly.

It seems to take forever
Through the check-outs at the shop,
So I pacify with lollies
So a tantrum I can stop.

I know the folks around
If they see him in a rage,
Would think that he is spoilt
And immature for his age.

I make it to the car
But the lolly’s running out,
Since no one is around
I let him have a shout.

But that was just the start
Of such a dismal display,
His seat belt he won’t wear
And the ice-cream melts away.

“Come on Baby-Boy,
Stop this scream and moan”
As I promise to myself
‘Next time, I shop alone’.

Happy he is now
As we enter at our gate,
His tears turn into laughter
And once again becomes my mate.

He helps to put the food away
Pretends that he’s the boss,
It’s then, I feel so guilty
And so sad for feeling cross.

In the safety of his home
And unexpectantly for some,
He wraps his arms around me
And says “I LUD-DEL you Mum”.

He makes me feel so needed
And he will for years to come,
I love him as he is
He is, my special son.

We take Life day by day
With obsessions and delight,
Black and white he sees it
And all is wrong or right.

Repetitive in his ways
and now predictable, I see,
Because I’ve studied and observed him
As he lives, Autisticly.