The WWDA Youth Network, has officially commenced today with the opening of the WWDA Youth Network Facebook Page.

The WWDA Youth Network aims to provide young women and girls with disabilities living in Australia with easy to understand human rights information; keep our followers up to date with events occurring in Australia and around the world relating to both women’s rights and disability rights; introduce young women and girls to the stories of inspiring women with disabilities living in Australia; and engaging young women and girls to become empowered women.

This Youth Network will continue to unveil exciting additions including a closed Facebook discussion group exclusively for young women 13-30 years; an Instagram feed and Youtube channel; and easy to read Youth section to the WWDA website.

We encourage you to follow the WWDA Youth Network as we gradually expand and pursue our aims of empowerment for young women and girls with disabilities all across Australia!

A WWDA Youth Network dedicated website is currently under development. Look out for it over the next few months.

For more info, contact Cachele Dunn at WWDA Youth Network




Twitter:@CashelleDunn  @WWDA_AU