Conference report coverpageWWDA has an international reputation as a leader in the promotion of human rights for women and girls with disability. In August 2016, WWDA Executive Director, Carolyn Frohmader, was invited to speak at an International Conference: Promotion of the Rights of Women and Girls with Disability by the UN CRPD in Seoul, South Korea from the 18-19 October 2016. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, Carolyn did not have capacity to attend the conference. WWDA Acting President, Karin Swift, attended the Conference on Carolyn’s behalf.

The Conference was held at Glad Hotel Yeouido, Seoul. One hundred and fifty people from 14 countries participated in the conference.

The key themes of the conference were:

  • The human rights crisis of women and girls with disability
  • Opinions and experiences of promoting the rights of women and girls with disability utilising UN mechanisms.

The conference was hosted by Women with Disabilities Arts and Cultural Network (WWDACN). Co-hosts of the conference included: Korea Disability Law Association, International Disability Alliance, Handicap International, Hope and Law, Sungkyunkwan University DDA Center, Saenuri Party, Kyungwan Nu, The Minjoo Party, Mihyuk Kwan, People’s Party, Joohyun Park, Justice Party, Soha Youn and Member of Seoul Metropolitan Council, Changyoun Yoo.

Karin gave two presentations at the conference:

  • Day 1: a panel discussion giving feedback from an Australian perspective on an interpretation of the General Comment on Article 6 of the CRPD given by Theresia Degener, Vice Chair of the UN CRPD Committee.
  • Day 2: a workshop presentation that was part of a series of Parallel Reports given by women with disability from each country present at the conference on the status of women with disability and the UN CRPD and CEDAW, entitled: “Using a human rights framework to advance the rights of women and girls with disability”, which shared many strategies that WWDA has found successful in working in the global human rights space.

Karin has written a report on the conference and is available to download at the following links:

You can also access the relevant paper and presentations from the following links: