Photo of Helen Meekosha and Dr Julia BahnerLast week, founding WWDA member Helen Meekosha met with Dr Julia Bahner, a researcher from the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Leeds, to discuss WWDA’s ongoing work in the sexual and reproductive rights space.

Dr Bahner’s current research focuses on sexual citizenship and disability. She is exploring disability organisations’ advocacy on sexual rights issues, and how disability and sexual health policies potentially frame these issues. The project compares the situation in England, the Netherlands and in NSW.

Sexual citizenship is a concept that can help us describe human rights related to sexuality, sexual expression and sexual identity.

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[Image] Two women, Julie Bahner and Helen Meekosha, sit at a round, copper-colored outdoor table, on a wooden deck with green foliage and red brick wall in the background. Both are smiling and looking toward the camera.