The Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network executive is holding a number of events between October and December for young people with disability across the commonwealth. 

The first event is being held on Saturday 3rd October 8pm AEST and is a chance for young people with disability to learn about opportunities to get involved in disability rights in the commonwealth and meet the CCYDN executive, including WWDA’s Youth Network Coordinator, Heidi.

Taking Charge of Our Future is vital for young people with disabilities ensuring they are not left behind and can have opportunities to have their voices heard, be change agents and influencers in the Commonwealth, Disability and Youth Spaces. The Commonwealth Children and Youth Disability Network has been a strong advocate for strengthening the rights, inclusion and representation of children and young with disabilities.

The event is aimed for disabled young people aged 13 – 30 years and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) supporting and working alongside disabled children and young people for their rights, inclusion and representation in the Commonwealth.

Learn more about the CCYDN and sign up as a member on the Include Me Too website.