Women With Disabilities Victoria (WDV) has opened applications for a Youth Project Co-Design Group (YPCG) to help them learn how they can support young people to be leaders.  

The YPCG will consist of up to 10 members

Members of the Group will inform WDV what type of leadership opportunities they need. They will also work together to review current programs and help design new leadership opportunities that WDV will deliver.

Members of the Group will meet approximately 12 times between April and August 2021. Meetings will mostly likely be held online, with any in person requirements negotiable.

Co-designers will:
• Be aged 15-25.
• Be a girl/woman (cis or trans), or a person who is non-binary, genderqueer, gender diverse, femme identifying or of another marginalised gender.
• Be comfortable in a women’s centred space.
• Be someone:
          – with disability (physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive, etc.),
          – who is Deaf / deaf / hard of hearing,
          – who lives with chronic illness, and/or pain,
          – who is neurodiverse, e.g. autistic
          – who lives with mental health challenges.
• Be interested in helping shape what leadership opportunities should look like for girls/women with disabilities.
• Be willing to share ideas, and give constructive feedback.

WDV aims to have YPCG members with wide ranging experiences and knowledge that can be represented and shared. People from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, including people with LGBTQIA+, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD), and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

How to apply 

If you are interested in being a member of WDV’s Youth Project Co-design Group, you can learn more and apply on the WDV website.

Applications close Thursday April 22nd at 9am.