WWDA is seeking nominations from WWDA members who would like to become WWDA Board members. This is a wonderful opportunity as a Board Member of WWDA, to work collaboratively with other elected members of the WWDA Boardand to provide oversight to WWDA’s work.

WWDA Board members are expected to understand governance, and to recognise the difference between governance and operational activities. This means that the WWDA Board members decide WWDA’s overall strategic direction (based on member priorities), rather than the day-to-day management of the organisation. The WWDA Board appoints the CEO and supports the CEO to do the necessary work effectively and efficiently.

We are looking for applicants who have some skills and knowledge that will complement existing Board members. Previous experience on other boards, management committees or in supporting roles will be important.

To be eligible you must have been a Full WWDA Member for at least one year and you can’t be a Board member if you are a Board member of one of the other nationally government funded DPO/DRO organisations.

Photo of five women representing diversity and disability

How to nominate:

If you are eligible and would like to nominate, please download and submit this form: 

Board nominations have now been extended for two weeks! 
This form should be returned via post or email by 13th September 2021 to:

Sharon Williams, Returning Officer

PO Box 407, Lenah Valley TAS 7008

Ph: 0438 535 123 E: officeadmin@wwda.org.au