The advocacy priorities of WWDA’s 2022 Election Platform we have showcased across the past month were informed by WWDA’s National Policy Advisory Group (PAG) members, representing different cohorts of women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people with disability across Australia.

We thank Bethany Cody, Bonney Corbin, Tabitha Lean, Cheryl Parker, Blanca Ramirez, Azure Rigney, Katie Shoemark, Jen Hargrave, Kat Reed, Wendy Wright and Claire Bertholli for sharing their knowledge, expertise, and lived experience with WWDA.

WWDA is committed to advocating for the rights of women, girls, feminine-identifying and non-binary people with disability through and beyond Election 2022.

If you would like to join us in our asks, please write to your local Federal candidate.  You can find out who your local candidates are at this link on the Australian Electoral Commission web site:

You can download a template to copy and paste into an email or written letter to your candidate here:

If you need help to do this please get in touch with us.

[Image:Purple background with picture of a white letter in a blue envelope with the @ symbol printed in black. Main white text reads: ‘Federal Election Platform 2022. Join us in our Election asks.’ In the bottom right-hand corner is the WWDA logo in white.]