Women with disabilities are not problems to be ‘fixed’, we are problem solvers. 

Women With Disabilities Australia’s (WWDA) LEAD Project’s 3rd leadership principle is ‘Challenging and transforming traditional views of leadership’, which ties in well with the second leadership principle of valuing diversity and lived experience. (1) Society can and does view women with disabilities as problems that need ‘fixing’ rather than viewing them through the lens of problem-solving experts. Women with disabilities navigate an ableist world every day and therefore, must problem solve just to participate in social activities, use public transport, or go to work. 

Recognising that women with disabilities as experts in their experience can help entities reduce ableist infrastructure in the workplace, and challenge traditional forms of leadership by taking guidance from women with disabilities in how to address inaccessible and inequitable workplaces. Utilising the skills and expertise that women with disabilities have to offer can only improve best practice and performance in business. 

At WWDA, we are all about disrupting traditional forms of leadership and we recognise that all women with disabilities have leadership skills to offer the world of business. The WWDA LEAD Project emphasises this and aims to allow other women with disabilities to see their leadership potential and that they deserve an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills in all areas of life. 


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