Across Australia this week, we stand in solidarity with our First Nations Members and community to celebrate NAIDOC week. This year NAIDOC week will be held between the 2-9 July, with the 2023 theme ‘For Our Elders’ as our focus.  

Our Elders… “guide our generations and pave the way for us to take the paths we can take today. Guidance, not only through generations of advocacy and activism but in everyday life and how to place ourselves in the world.” NAIDOC website.  

Earlier this year WWDA staff members met with some of our First Nations Members, Lily Hodgson, Amy James, and Cheryl Parker, to chat about key messages that are important to them and which they would like to see amplified during NAIDOC week. We thank our members for their knowledge, insight and help to support our campaign this year. We hope our campaign shares your stories and important messages.  

To our members, this NAIDOC week, could you find/ spend time with your elders/ old people?  
The connection, guidance, and knowledge you could gain could help you make informed decisions this year.  

We all have decisions to make, big and small, and everyone, including women, and gender diverse people with disabilities, have the right to make their own decisions.  

To learn more about your rights around making your own decisions visit Our Site.  

One of our First Nations WWDA members and Youth Advisory Group members, Amy James, has created music and movie recommendations which have been created by First Nations people to share First Nation Stories. Check them out:  

WWDA Youth NAIDOC Week playlist:

Language warning: some of the these songs contain swear words.

  • Meditjin – Baker Boy feat. Jess B
  • Right Here Right Now – Jessica Mauboy
  • January 26 – A.B. Original feat. Dan Sultan
  • Blak Matriachies – Barkaa
  • Black Boy – Coloured Stone
  • Let Love Rule – Archie Roach
  • Heaven With U – Tasman Keith and Jessica Mauboy  

WWDA youth NAIDOC Week Movie Recommendations:

All three movies are now streaming on Netflix

  • Top End Wedding (2019)
  • The Sapphires (2012)
  • Bran Nue Day (2009)

The movies and TV shows mentioned on the next list might contain words and actions that feature violence and hurt to First Nations people. This may cause you to feel sad and stressed or it brings up bad things that happened to you in the past. Please Google the shpw and its content warnings to see what might happen in it. This helps see if you feel comfortable watching the show. While it is important to showcase the pain faced by First Nations people in the media, you should not watch things that will cause you stress.

More NAIDOC Week Recommendations:

  • Rabbit Proof Fence (2002) Rated M – SBS On Demand
  • High Ground (2020) Rates MA15+ – SBS On Demand
  • Charlie’s Country (20013) Rated M – ABC iView
  • Satellite Boy (2012) Rates PG – Netflix
  • True Colours (2022) rated M – SNS On Demand.