Online co-design workshops completed

In July and August, the Our Site Team proudly organised a series of six engaging online workshops. These sessions were dedicated to fostering insightful conversations with women, feminine identifying and gender-diverse people with disabilities, as well as with parents, caregivers, and sector representatives. The invaluable feedback and information generously shared with us during these collaborative co-design workshops have played a pivotal role in shaping the content for our upcoming website. 

Throughout these workshops, we delved into a range of vital topics, including sexuality, addressing violence, self-care strategies, and accessing essential support services. The discussions were characterised by their depth and richness, resulting in a treasure trove of valuable insights and information that will greatly benefit our community. 

It was a safe place to talk about complex issues with peers who have had similar experiences.” 

I felt really connected to the group in the short time we had and I felt really uplifted by a lot of what was shared, even though some of it was about our own experiences of violence.”

As a survivor of multiple types of violence I often feel dread when the subject comes up, because it is hard to talk about and can leave me feeling really bad. I left the workshop today feeling excited. I hope I will get to be a part of the next step in getting to tell the story of how all women and gender diverse people with disability are strong and have the right to feel safe.

I felt welcome and equal. That’s a rare experience for me these days.”

I felt safe, happy and a part of something good. I do really appreciate my participation in this session. 


In-person co-design workshops 

We are thrilled to announce that the culmination of our co-design workshops are just around the corner. In October and November, the Our Site Team will be embarking on an exciting journey to Perth and Brisbane. There, we will once again unite with incredible women, feminine-identifying and gender-diverse people with disabilities, along with valued sector representatives. 

These upcoming workshops are a significant milestone in our journey towards creating an exceptional and accessible new website. We’re eager to present our progress to you, and most importantly, to hear your invaluable feedback. Together, we will continue shaping a platform that truly serves and represents our vibrant community.