WWDA’s new blog will belong to our community and be a space to explore what leadership means to us!

Easy English Post Call-Out

Blog Post Call-Out

WWDA has previously published your stories as part of Our Site, but know that disabled women, girls and non-binary people’s voices are often still missing from the mainstream media. That’s why WWDA wants to promote your thoughts and commentary on leadership, beyond what we would traditionally expect to see.

We acknowledge that leadership looks different for every single one of us and depends on our experiences of gender, race, class and other identities. We want to share your thoughts and critique on current issues of leadership, in community and beyond.

You might like to write a blog post on disabled women’s leadership during COVID-19 (check out PWDA’s COVID-19 Blog here!), or maybe on a current issue like employment where our leadership often goes unrecognised. You could submit commentary on how some leadership initiatives leave your community behind, or even your visions for what leadership could look like in the future!

WWDA believes strongly in paying women and non-binary people for their work, and as such can offer $100+GST for blog posts. You must have an ABN to be able to invoice WWDA, otherwise, payment will be made in the form of a $100 gift card.

Blog Post Requirements

Blogs can be accepted in written form (approx. 750 words), audio or video format (approx. 3 mins). You are welcome to submit visual images with any written work, but this is not a requirement – WWDA can help support you if you would like accompanying images.

If your blog is in audio format, you will need to provide a transcript.

If your blog has visual elements, you will need to provide a written description.

If you need support to make a transcript or written description, please let us know.

How to Submit

If you want to provide commentary and have an idea for a blog post, you can email our blog editor Karina at blogs@wwda.org.au with an expression of interest (EOI). Your EOI should be between 50-100 words outlining what you would like to write/talk about for the WWDA blog. There is no deadline and WWDA will accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Even if you have never had a piece of work published before, we want to hear your voice and support you in sharing your commentary!

WWDA strongly encourages submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, other Black and Brown voices, people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, LGBTQIA people and people with intellectual disability. WWDA will be reserving space for these voices.

WWDA will only accept submissions from women, girls or non-binary people with disability who reside in Australia.

Take a look at the blog!