Towards Reproductive Justice for YWGwD Report and Resources

In 2022 WWDA launched a project to develop youth sexual and reproductive resources. The project was funded by the Consumer Health Forum funded which aimed to identify and address the barriers to achieving priorities under the National Women’s Health Strategy for ‘universal access to sexual and reproductive health information, treatment and services that offer options to women to empower choice and control in decision-making about their bodies’,

This new set of resources and a report were made in co-design with Young Women, Girls, Feminine Identifying and Non-Binary people with disability which was initiated following WWDA’s original survey into sexual and reproductive rights awareness and knowledge. The report examines the survey findings and brings awareness to the current experiences of young women and gender-diverse people with disability. The resources were created to empower young people with disability to learn more about their rights and where they can find support.

Reproductive Health & Young Persons with Disability

Menstruating with a disability, including for victim-survivors of abuse, can be different and difficult to manage. This resource aims to give general information on menstruation, contraception, and sexually
transmitted infections (STIs) to young people with disability. This Resource has been developed by young women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary persons with disability.

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