Make a Complaint

If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with a response or service provided by WWDA you can make a complaint. Complaints help us to improve our work. You will not be treated unfairly for making a complaint.

Steps to making a complaint about WWDA

Start with a conversation

Firstly, speak to the employee who is directly involved with the complaint and try to resolve it. If you feel uncomfortable speaking to that employee or you feel the issue has not be resolved, contact the WWDA Executive Director. The WWDA Executive Director can either try and help resolve the issue or encourage you to make a formal complaint.

Formal Complaint

To make a formal complaint you can contact the WWDA Executive Director, via the Office Manager. To contact the Office Manager call 0438 535 123 or email

If the complaint is about the WWDA Executive Director you can speak or write to the WWDA President. Contact the WWDA Office Manager to reach the President on 0438 535 123 or email

Your Formal Complaint

Your formal complaint should say what the problem is and how you think the problem can be fixed. You should also include anything that supports your complaint.

WWDA will try to resolve your complaint

Once you have submitted the formal complaint, you and the employee involved will be informed of the issues and the steps WWDA is taking.

WWDA will keep the matter private and work to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.

Things you should know

  • You can make a complaint without giving your name, but it will make it easier to fix the problem if we know your name.
  • We will keep your complaint private. We will only tell those people that need to know so that the problem can be fixed.
  • You can use a support person to help you make a complaint.
  • We can help to provide an advocate or interpreter if you need support to make a complaint.

View WWDA’s Complaint Procedure Policy [DOC]

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