Applications for the Mentoring Program have closed! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

What is the purpose of this program?

The program is a set-your-own timeframe program designed to build the leadership skills, confidence, connections and capacity of our members.

Who is Brancher?

We are excited to announce that this year we are partnering with Brancher, an evidence based mentoring platform that connects compatible mentees and mentors and provides them with support throughout their mentoring journey.

Who will I be matched with?

Brancher matches tries to match you with someone who will try understand you – and help you realise your potential.

Brancher takes into account your disability, leadership goals, skills, area/s of work and importantly – your personal preferences and attributes.  

What does the program involve?

This is a set-your-own timeframe program designed to build the confidence, skills and capacity of our members and work towards goals.

If you are a woman, girl, feminine identifying or non-binary person with disability looking to build your leadership skills and connections, or help someone else build theirs, then sign up to be one of our mentors or mentees!

We are partnering with Brancher – an evidence-based mentoring platform that connects compatible mentees with mentors and provides them with support throughout their mentoring journey.

What is the time commitment?

We estimate a time commitment of 2 hours per month. This includes an hour meeting with your mentoring partner (this can be done online and/or in person if you live close to each other) and an additional hour of ‘self-work’ including preparing for the meeting and conducting follow up actions. 

Is there a cost?

No! The program is completely free for you and funded by WWDA through our WWDA LEAD program. 

Will everyone be accepted into the program?

We encourage everyone to register however we do have a limited number of spaces available. Depending on the number of registrations we receive, there may be some people who we cannot fit into this year’s program. 

Why was I not accepted into the program?

For both mentees and mentors, if you have not been matched with someone in the program that means that unfortunately, we did not find anyone any who would be a great fit for you and what you’re wanting to get out of the program (or give to the program). 

In the meantime, there are also many other ways you can stay involved with WWDA and with WWDA LEAD.

For example. you can:

We do hope that you will continue to be involved with WWDA, in continuing our important work in helping to elevate the voices of women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people with disability in Australia.

Why should I sign up, as a mentee?

Research shows that mentees often experience improved confidence, reduced stress and improved career outcomes.

If you are looking to challenge yourself with the help of a mentor and you can commit to the expectations of this program – sign up today.

What is the eligibility for a mentee?

Any woman, girl, feminine identifying or nonbinary person who a WWDA member who is interested in leadership can apply to be a mentor or mentee. 

Why should I sign up, as a mentor?

Research shows mentors often report greater job satisfaction, improved coaching skills and a great sense of reward and satisfaction for ‘paying it forward’.

If you are looking to give back, to learn more about yourself, to improve your leadership/coaching skills and you can commit to the expectations of this program – sign up today.

What is the eligibility for a mentor?

All mentors must be women, feminine identifying or non-binary people with disability and be members of WWDA. If you are not a member of WWDA, you can sign up for free today.

We encourage any members who have experience in leadership to apply. Leadership experience can mean many things including experience:

  • on a board or committee
  • managing a team or group
  • creating a new product, service or activity
  • organising campaigns
  • running events or workshops
  • writing research or policy papers 
  • talking to the media or writing articles 
  • and more! 

If you are having self-doubt about whether you have something to offer, trust us – you do! So please apply!

Can I apply as both a mentee and a mentor?

Yes you can – provided you meet the eligibility criteria as outlined above. Simply fill out the form as both a mentee and mentor.

How can I find out more?

Contact the team at WWDA on

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