Coronavirus, or COVID-19 is a new virus that started in China and spread to many countries around the world, including Australia. In early 2020, the World Health Organisation announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic and in response, countries around the world have been announcing policies and community restrictions which aim to stop the spread of the virus.

In Australia, the virus and the associated restrictions, isolation measures and government policies have resulted in a range of emerging issues for people with disabilities.

As the national advocacy organisation for women and girls with disability, WWDA has played a central role in raising the issues and experiences that have emerged for women with disabilities, with government and non-government agencies.

On this page, you can find papers and news updates about WWDA’s advocacy work in relation to COVID-19.

We have also provided information and resources to help individuals during the COVID-19 crisis on WWDA’s Our Site: Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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