In May 2023, WWDA CEO, Carolyn Frohmader spoke and wrote to the Managing Director of The Social Deck. The Social Deck is a consultancy service for and on behalf of the National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP).

The letter expresses WWDA’s deep concern at the recent request for stakeholders to provide ‘Feedback’ on the draft research agenda of the NDRP. WWDA’s concerns surround the lengthy process, inconsistent approach and the response to WWDA’s previous gendered and intersectional feedback.

“In closing, WWDA is of the view that it is critical that the NDRP and its proposed National Research Agenda, to have the confidence and backing of people with disability, including through their representative organisations. As things currently stand, we are concerned that this will not be the case, unless changes are made.”

– Carolyn Frohmader – WWDA CEO