The WWDA LEAD team is excited to announce the WWDA National Online Leadership Summit!

Please join us for our upcoming National Online Leadership Summit on the 14th, 15th and 16th November 2022.
It is free to attend if you are a WWDA member, which is also free to sign up!

Not a member? Easy, click here to sign up. You can also phone 0438 535 123 to arrange your membership over the phone.

To become a Full Member you must be a woman, feminine identifying or non-binary person who:

  • Identifies as having a disability
  • Is aged 15 years or above
  • Is living in Australia. 

Not a women, girl, feminine identifying or nonbinary person with disability (diagnosed and/or self identifying), and want to join as an Associate Member you can sign up on the WWDA website here.

To be an Associate Member you must either be;  

  1. A woman, feminine identifying or non-binary person who:
  • is aged 15 years or above
  • is living in Australia
  • in the reasonable opinion of the Board, is supportive of the aims and objectives of WWDA.
  1. An Organisation who in the reasonable opinion of the Board, is supportive of the aims and objectives of WWDA.

*Associate Members will have restricted access to some parts of the Summit e.g., Market Place, some panels. 

What is the WWDA National Online Summit 2022 about?

The National Online Summit is part of a range of projects, events and activities. The Summit is centred on the WWDA LEAD’s Five Leadership Principles:

  • Lead by Lifting Others Up
  • Value Diversity and Lived Experience
  • Challenging and Transforming Traditional Views of Leadership
  • Care for Self to Care for Community
  • Nothing About Us Without Us

Find the full Leadership Statement here

At the Summit we will be exploring what it means to be a leader, leadership skills and leading for change.

The Summit will feature guest speakers, pre-recorded/pre-released materials, resources, peer networking opportunities, information/skills exchange, self-directed activities, forums, arts events and more…

Day 1 – Leadership

Monday 14 November: What is leadership and what does leadership mean to you?

Day 2 – Leadership Skills

Tuesday 15 November: Building and exchanging capacity, skills, experience. 

Day 3 – Leadership for Change 

Wednesday 16 November: Identifying and exploring opportunities. Leading together, building on the work of others before us, to explore what’s next.

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