Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is a Disabled People’s Organisation for women, girls, feminine identifying people, and nonbinary folk with all types of disability in Australia. WWDA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the human rights, including the right to work, of all women and girls with disabilities. Part of this mission is enabling all people in our community an opportunity to gain meaningful employment, be paid for the work they do, be acknowledged for the work they do, and have equitable access to leadership positions and roles. Our LEAD project is about recognising the leadership capacity of all women and girls with disability. Whether it be in their homes, workplaces, or community. Read our Leadership Statement here.

We are committed to advocating for equitable employment opportunities for women and girls with disability. Some employers might not be aware that women and girls with disability are at higher risk of abuse, violence, neglect, and exploitation. At WWDA, we recognise and prioritise the importance of educating employers on the intersecting needs of this community to ensure that not only do they have access to meaningful employment, but that they are paid for their time and their work is valued, without fear of reprisal.

Over the next couple of months, we will be releasing blogs related to our LEAD principles and how as an employer you can increase access to employment for women and girls with disability. These recommendations have been made in line with the Royal Commission into violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of people with disability and WWDA’s response to the Employment Issues paper.

[Image: 4 women with from different cultural backgrounds and with different disabilities posing for the LEAD project. There is a wheelchair user and someone using a walking stick. Text says How do you LEAD? LEAD, Women with Disabilities Australia, Lead, Engage, Activate, Drive]