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About the scholarships

Our scholarships will create a strong network of women and girls with disability to help us:

  • Work towards delivery of the WWDA LEAD National Leadership Summit in late 2022,
  • participate in mentoring and supporting other women and girls with disability, 
  • develop the WWDA LEAD Leadership and Mentoring toolkit to both National and International audiences,
  • support more WWDA members to become actively involved in the work of WWDA.

Two rounds of WWDA scholarships will be available in 2021 and 2022 to ensure that WWDA can deliver multiple leadership opportunities to our members, and to encourage graduates to mentor new participants, establish networks and increase participation and representation in all areas of life, both as individuals and as a community.

We would like to encourage individuals to apply for courses that take place in 2021. If the course you are interested takes place after this date, you can apply in the second round in 2022.

Travel and associated costs will not be funded as part of the scholarship program and will be at the own expense of the applicants.  For this reason, WWDA encourages applicants to apply for online courses where possible.

Applicants will need to have a reliable internet connection, in order to participate as much as possible in their nominated program (if the program includes virtual participation).

WWDA LEAD Scholarships can be funded up to the value of $2000 GST and 10 scholarships will be available.

Online information session

On Wednesday 24 March, the WWDA LEAD team held a live information session about the new WWDA LEAD scholarships and how WWDA members can apply.

If you missed the session, you can watch the recording below:

Important dates

Date             Activity
24 MarchInformation session on WWDA LEAD Scholarships
24 MarchApplications open
31 MarchCall in WWDA LEAD Information day    9am-8pm
9 AprilCall in WWDA LEAD Information day    9am-8pm
16 AprilApplications close 
16 April-29 AprilApplications reviewed
3 MaySuccessful applicants announced

Do you have a question?

WWDA LEAD staff will be available to help you identify courses. Staff will be available on:

  • 9am-8pm   Wednesday 31 March 2021 (AEDT)
  • 9am-8pm   Friday 9th April 2021 (AEDT)

Staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding a course and/or training opportunity that suits you.  You can also identify your own course that you are interested in. We will be available by telephone, email and NRS. If you have additional communication requirements, please contact us to arrange for you beforehand.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you complete your application. However, if it is easier for you to tell us your answers over the phone, or in a different way, please let us know.

Some courses cannot be applied for because of our funding agreement with the Australian Government. If you are unsure whether a course is eligible, please contact us.

If you think you will be unable to attend the course dates, please think about a different course, or perhaps consider applying in a later WWDA LEAD Scholarship Round.

WWDA LEAD Scholarship eligibility criteria

To participate in the WWDA LEAD Scholarships program, applicants must: 

  • Be a current WWDA member. If you are not a member please Click here to become one.
  • Identify as a woman, girl, feminine identifying or non-binary person with disability.
  • Be aged 15 years or above.
  • Be currently living in Australia.
  • Have an interest in disability rights, women’s rights, leadership and / or pursuing that work that WWDA does.

How to Apply

To submit your application please email your application form, to spo@wwda.org.au by 5pm Friday 16th April 2021 (AEDT).

Please include ‘Scholarships’ in the subject line.

Download the Application Form here.

Additional Information

  • Applicants can apply for a leadership course, or a course that they think will help them to develop their leadership skills.
  • Applicants will need access to a computer and reliable internet to be able to participate in sessions and classes (particularly if the course is an ‘on-line’ course).
  • Applicants must complete and submit the application form by 5pm  Friday 16th April 2021 (Aus Eastern Standard time)
  • WWDA LEAD Scholarships can be funded up to the value of $2000 + GST and 10 scholarships will be available.
  • Travel and associated costs will not be funded as part of the scholarship program and will be at the expense of the applicants.
  • You can contact WWDA LEAD staff to discuss courses that may be suitable or please contact us with a course that you are interested in.
  • There are some courses that we cannot fund due to our funding arrangement, please contact us on call in days if you are unsure.
  • Dates below:

9am-8pm   Wednesday 31 March (Aus Eastern Standard time)

9am-8pm   Friday 9April 2021     (Aus Eastern Standard time)

  • Please check the eligibility and selection criteria for the course you want to apply for, as these are external processes that WWDA has no control over.
  • Applicants will be selected on their responses to the questions on the application form and will be selected by an internal staff team at WWDA, with final approval made by the WWDA CEO.
  • Applicants must be committed and prepared to participate fully in the program.
  • Successful Scholarship participants are required to complete a report after the completion of the scholarship opportunity to share with the WWDA community on what they have learnt and what they would like to do with their learnings. Reports can be in many formats, video story, written report, podcast and artwork. Please let us know if there is another way that you would like to share your learnings with others by contacting us.
  • We will also encourage successful scholarship participants to be part of future WWDA LEAD activities, including:
  • Taking part in the codesign committee for the WWDA LEAD National Summit 2022
  • Mentoring future scholarship participants.
  • Taking part in WWDA LEAD peer networking activities and webinars.

 Contact Us

If you require any further information you can contact us in the following ways.

  • Email Libbi Cunnington at SPO@wwda.org.au
  • Call or text Libbi on 0488 758 539
  • You can use the National Relay Service to call us. Call 1800 555 677. Ask for 0488 758 539
  • Need a translator? Call 131 450 Ask for 0488 758 539.
  • Send a letter to PO Box 407 Lenah Valley TAS 7008 Australia

WWDA LEAD Activities

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