Join us for our first WWDA LEAD webinar where we will be hosting a panel of women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people who will be talking about what leadership is, and how it looks and feels very different to each of them and to our community.

The webinar will be held on: 

  • Date: 15 March 2021
  • Time: 12-1pm
  • Where: Zoom Webinar

Auslan and Captioning will be provided.

We have just announced our first speaker: Akii Ngo

Akii Ngo: a person with long blue and purple hair who is smiling. Akii is wearing a pink top.

We are very excited to announce our first speaker at our We Can All Be Leaders Webinar on the 15 March.

Akii Ngo (they/them) from Victoria is the Executive Director of Chronic Pain Australia and a proud young disabled person with multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities, including complex chronic pain issues. Akii also serves on the Board of Disability Justice Australia as a Board Member, past Treasurer, and now Secretary. 

Akii has recently joined our Project Steering Committee for the WWDA LEAD project and is deeply passionate about the rights of people with disabilities. Join us and hear from Akii about their leadership journey.

We have just announced our Second speaker: Helen Said

Helen giving a workshop on writing your own migration story, Saint Albans Library, 2015.

Time to announce our second speaker for the ‘We Can All Be Leaders’ Webinar on March 15.

Helen Said recently wrote a blog piece for WWDA’s LEAD blog called “Giving voice to autistic migrant women”. She works as an online tutor and is a single parent who enjoys activism and vegetable gardening. Helen was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 55.

She co-founded Spectrum Labor and the Broadmeadows Single Mothers Lunch. Helen is the author of ‘Five Egyptian Pounds’, which details her family’s refugee experiences and her father’s contribution to multiculturalism.

She is from a Greek-Egyptian ethnic background and advocates for the inclusion of migrant women in community and political life.

We will be announcing the other speakers very soon!

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