The Our Site report provides a comprehensive overview of how the Our Site website was developed with the input of over 100 women with disability across Australia. An Easy Read summary of the report is also available.

Our Site was created by and for women with disability through a national two-year project led by WWDA. The project delivered on a vision that had been conceived by the WWDA community many years earlier, for an accessible website that provided information about the rights of women and girls with disability in four key areas: leadership and participation, decision-making and agency, sexual and reproductive health and safety from violence.

WWDA delivered the website using an inclusive co-design methodology. This means that the project consistently prioritised the genuine, meaningful involvement and active participation of women with disability in every aspect of the website’s creation. This resulted in multiple benefits for the women involved and a website that is grounded in the diverse experiences of women and girls with disability.

“Women and girls with a disability joined hearts and minds to create Our Site with their own personal experiences, stories and expertise”
– Our Site Advisory Panel member

“[Our Site has] resources specifically for ‘us’, so instead of having to sift through a lot of information that may not account for the needs of women and girls with disability, we know that if it’s on this site, it’s relevant and accessible to us.”
– Our Site Advisory Panel member

The website was launched in March 2020 and a stand-alone Easy Read version was launched in July 2020. Since the launch, WWDA has received a fantastic response from those who work in the industry and, most importantly, from women and girls with disability who have been using the site. To date, Our Site has already received over 11,000 visits.

“We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the website to date. I feel so privileged to have been involved in the creation of a much needed resource that directly responds to the needs and insights of women and girls with disability” Naomi Thomson, WWDA Our Site Project Manager. 

WWDA’s Project and Policy Officer, Heidi La Paglia said “It was extremely rewarding to work with a diverse group of women with disability from start to finish. Now seeing the site online in its entirety makes me very proud.”

The WWDA team would like to acknowledge and thank all of the women who contributed their ideas, expertise and creativity to the Our Site project. Their involvement and enthusiasm has allowed us to build a website with the potential to empower the community of women and girls with disability both within Australia and around the world.

“People with disability own Our Site and no one can take this from us. Our Site can be our voice.”
Our Site Advisory Panel member

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Our Site was made by women with disability for woman and girls with disability. The website provides information and resources to support women and girls with disability to learn about and stand up for their rights. It is highly accessible, easy to use and also available in Easy Read with the click of a button.

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