In December 2020 we opened a survey to our members and networks to tell us what leadership meant and what activities were an important part of the WWDA LEAD Project.

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and looks different for everyone. At WWDA we are not afraid to be bold and honest. Here’s some of the key results from the survey.

Our community

Women, girls and non-binary people from all around Australia completed our survey with just under half being rural or regionally located.Our respondents also had many different backgrounds and identities including just under half identifying as LGBTIQA while a third were culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD).

Some of the key stats about the identity of the survey respondents.


Our respondents also best described leadership as helping others to have their voices heard and to represent myself and my community.

These were really exciting to see and we are excited to work more with woman and girls with disability to explore what leadership means to them and promote that to the wider community.

Some of the key stats about leadership from the survey respondents.


The survey results had a very even spread across what kind of activities woman and girls wanted to do as part of the WWDA LEAD Project. This means that we will be providing a wide range of activities to try and offer as many opportunities to as many different needs as possible. The activities will include:

  • Webinars
  • Scholarships
  • Peer Networking
  • Art Competitions and much more!
Some of the key stats about leadership activties from the survey respondents.

Current Activities

We Can All Be Leaders Webinar!

Join us March 15 to discuss leadership journeys and hear from other woman with disabilities about their leadership journeys. Find out more and register here.

Coming Up

  • Keep an eye out on International Women’s Day (March 8) for an announcement on our new Art Prize!
  • Scholarship opportunities to be announced very soon!
  • Our next Peer Networking catch up will be the 27 April!

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