As part of the Global Disability Summit today, WWDA hosted a side event on our Internationally recognised Our Site website and the importance of using co-design when working with women and non-binary people with disability.

Our Site is website where women and girls with disability can learn about their rights. Our Site provides information, stories, videos, and other resources on the main topics that women with disabilities prioritised themselves through co-design methods.

This presentation discussed how the website was developed using an inclusive co-design approach – which ensured the consistent and genuine involvement of women with disability – and offered tips for other organisations working with women and girls with disability.

If you missed the presentation, you can watch the recording via the video below!

You can also download the Our Site Final report here.

While our guest speaker for the event, Akii Ngo, was not able to make it on the day, Akii has also shared a video talking about their experiences with the Our Site project and the importance of co-design. Check it out below!