WWDA is committed to ensuring that this website is inclusive and accessible. This means that it is designed so that it is easy to use, understand, navigate and interact with.

The sections below outline some of the features of our website that help to make it more accessible.

Screen readers

Many blind or vision impaired people use screen readers to read websites. This website has been designed so that it can be read by a screen readers.

You can find more information about screen readers on the Vision Australia website.

Colour contrast

The colour contrast used on the WWDA website meets international standards for accessibility. This means that it should be clear and easy for most people to read.

Vision Australia has a free Colour Contrast Analyser tool available for free download.

Accessible documents

Wherever possible the resources that you can download from the WWDA website are either accessible or have an accessible alternative available (usually a Word document). This means that the documents have been edited to ensure that they are easy to read and use by a wide range of users.


All of the videos created by WWDA have closed captions.

Other videos we may have linked to on our website are YouTube videos which which means you can turn captions on by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the screen. You can also control the size and colour of the captions and set up your account to always display captions.

Watch the YouTube video to learn all about captions and subtitle settings:

Web tools for people with disability

There are many tools available to help people with disability use the internet.

The Centre for Inclusive Design has information on its website about accessible browsers and how to find accessible online content.

The BBC Accessibility website has information on how to make a website more accessible by changing browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings. It covers Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Languages other than English

The WWDA website is written in English. Unfortunately, we are not able to translate all of the content of the WWDA website into languages other than English. However, there are many online tools you can use to do this, including: