We Can All Be Leaders

At WWDA we look forward to helping our members build on their leadership skills and connect with other women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people with disabilities.
“I'm part of the WWDA LEAD project. It's helping people to become leaders and to understand what leadership is all about. There's different sorts of leadership roles.”
- Monique Crowden
“Leadership can occur when you’re all alone, willing yourself through another day, telling yourself your story matters, even when it’s lost in the dark. ”
- Sandie Jessamine
The conversation hasn't started until every view is heard.
“When I think about Leadership a few words come to mind: responsibility, service, embodiment, and courage. ”
- Pauline Vetuna
“To me, leadership is visionary, pushing the limits of our imaginations. Whilst being grounded in an awareness of our capacity, our leadership is fearless and speaks to the visions of justice we want from this world.”
- Mali Hermans

In 2023 we are continuing to run leadership activities. All the WWDA LEAD activities focus on building our members leadership skills and creating opportunities to connect with other women, girls, feminine and nonbinary people with disabilities.

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The WWDA LEAD – Lead, Engage, Activate and Drive project was funded in 2019, with support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Program, now administered and funded until 2024 by the Australian Department of Social Services (DSS), to promote and advance the leadership, agency, autonomy, human rights and freedoms of women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people with disabilities, both individually and collectively.